Safety tips
Make your stay on Teamo safe and successful
To find a partner on the Internet is possible if you are registered on Teamo. Dating service Teamo selects people who are compatible with you. And the Support Service does everything to make your stay on the site as comfortable and safe as possible.
Whoever you meet online or in real life, your attentive and vigilant perception of the new person, as well as intuition will help you to protect yourself from the wrong decision. If you meet a person for the first time or just started talking to him, be careful. Below are some tips that you should pay attention to when
1. Be vigilant
Employees of the Support Service of regularly check user accounts and process any complaints they receive, as well as monitor unusual activity of users and the presence of spam. However, we can not conduct any criminal history checks for all registered users. Never forget about the human factor and always remember that any person may not be what he claims to be. Will you communicate with this person or not - it's up to you! Do not ignore facts that seem inconsistent or contradictory to you. Trust your intuition and remember that any situation should always be kept under control. If, during communication with someone, you have doubts about the veracity of written or spoken words, do not hesitate to stop the dialogue or ask additional questions. If you have already met, and you are uncomfortable with each other - go away from a date. Do not forget about the other "red flags" that you should pay attention to when communicating with a new person, especially if he (she): - immediately offers to start communication through personal mail, offers to communicate on third-party resources, gives or requests personal contacts : phone, postal address, ICQ, Skype, etc .; - persuades to leave contacts, so that 'personal assistant / consultant' raquo; contacted and appointed a meeting - most likely, it is an agent of a marriage agency. - states that your acquaintance was "fate" & raquo; or & laquo; over the & raquo ;. Such statements should be alarmed if they were made in the early stages of communication; - declares that he lives in Russia, but at the moment he works or travels in other countries; - asks you to help him transfer funds (from account to account, etc.); - hurry to develop your relationship, not caring about your comfort; - tells you about unexpected financial difficulties and asks you to help him with money. Be especially careful if requests quickly grow into threats; - ask sensitive and incorrect questions; - tells unbelievable stories; - gives blurry answers to specific questions; -makes you to give up your principles; - permanently blames others for problems in their own lives; - Insists on too fast intimacy; - indicates that he has recently been widowed (a); disappears from the site, and then appears again under a different name. If one of the users does something of the above or causes you any other suspicions, please,
2. NEVER disclose financial or any other personal information
NEVER disclose your bank card or account number; NEVER show your passport number, insurance policy, maiden name or any other personal information that can be used to access your financial and personal information; NEVER send money to the person you met on the network, especially by electronic transfer. Immediately stop communicating with a person who asks you to give him personal or financial information or
3. Secure your account
When you log into your profile from someone else's computer, make sure that other people can not see your password or go to your profile after you. Do not mark the & amp; Remember me & raquo; field when using someone else's computer. Also, never agree to save the password on someone else's computer if it is requested by the browser.
4. Be careful when reporting personal information
We strongly recommend that you do not disclose personal information. Do not share your profile, address of your personal mail, home address, phone number, place of work and any other personal information that may help you identify.
5. Conduct your own investigation
Regardless of what you feel towards a person you have just met, we strongly recommend that you check the information provided to them before meeting in reality. And of course do not forget about logic - carefully read what your new friend tells about yourself, compare the facts, and if something causes your suspicion, then just stop talking with that
6. Be careful with links
We perfectly understand that the exchange of links helps users to get to know each other better (the interlocutor can share with you a link to your favorite site or an article you like). But do not forget about common sense and always follow the logic before moving on any link. Going through links and the associated risks to your computer is your responsibility.
7. Give yourself time
Virtual communication can cause a deceptive sense of comfort and safety, and we are bound to warn you about how important it is - how to get to know each other, before finally trusting. We recommend you to use our anonymous and committed secure messaging service, as well as the service & laquo; Safe call & raquo; To find out, how much in reality you are suitable for this or that user. The unique System of Selection of finds for you only those people who are suitable for you, however, even our experience will not replace communication in reality. It is very important that you take the time for dates before you open each other on a closer level. And the more you learn about each other before the beginning of a relationship, the easier it will be to avoid unpleasant surprises. So take time to communicate in reality.
8. Spend your first date safely and successfully
Meeting with a new person is always exciting. Spend time cheerfully and find out how you match each other, but do not let dreams outshine your mind. Carefully choose the time and place of your date. Agree to meet in the daytime, when there are many people around, in a place that is familiar to both of you. Especially good for a first date is a lunch break. Limit alcohol consumption or completely abandon it until you know the person properly. Use your own or public transport, even if you are traveling to a person who lives far away from you. Never agree to be picked up. Believe, getting into someone else's car on a first date is a bad idea. Tell about your plans to at least to one family member or friend, and also let them know when you will be back. Get in touch with them after the first few meetings. Do not forget to bring your phone with all the necessary numbers.
9. What you should not do:
Do not leave the house without things that will help to identify your identity. Do not forget your documents, rights, and also a mobile phone. It is not necessary to meet at your house or at house of your new friend. And in general, do not tell your address until you are completely confident in the new person. Be ready for spending. For women - just in case, and for men - because meal and entertainment is usually paid by a man. Do not go home with the person you just met. Even you think he or she is ideal - you did not have enough time to learn it.
10. Report your suspicions to us
Employees of the Support Service Teamo are working to find dishonorable users who impersonate others, so we take the complaints of our users very seriously. If someone from your interlocutors is suspicious, do not hesitate and contact our support service so that we can take appropriate action. Send your complaint You can ask a question to the support service (Do not forget to specify the user ID, which can be copied from the address bar on the user's page).
We sincerely hope that our tips will help you to get everything you want from meeting on Teamo - to meet real love and build strong and harmonious relationships. Sincerely yours, Customer Support Teamo