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Riccardo, 35 лет


A creative and chill person looking for a long term relationship. In the end it's going to be about sense of humor and personal chemistry)

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not married


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doesn't matter


35 лет






time to time

Отношение к жизни

Какие события или люди наибольшим образом повлияли на вашу жизнь и почему?..


Каким(-ой) вас видят окружающие люди?..

Way more serious than I actually am

Что вы обычно делаете лучше всего?..

Talking to cats. I also had a mysteriously positive frog experience.

Как вы проводите свое свободное время в будни и выходные?..

Two days trip to SPB, Erarta, we finally try a weird restaurant I haven't managed to have time for in two years, good sleep, some fun around the city, Georgian wine.

Перечислите вещи, без которых вы в принципе не смогли бы прожить...


Расскажите о себе что-либо, о чём знают только ваши лучшие друзья...

A constant state of mild dissociation?

Хочется рассказать что-то еще? Обязательно пишите!..

Michael Scott

Ваши любимые персонажи в литературе, кино, компьютерных играх?

The fool, the magician, or adversarial archetypes

Ваше отношение к религии?..

It's one topic I've thought about for a very long time! I believe in God, and it's not easy to explain in what way in just a few words, but feel free to ask

Где бы вы хотели жить?..

A garden full of fruit trees, a bunch of cats, Italian sun and a fireplace. Or, a huge apartment in a skyscraper in the middle of the city. I should have decided by now, right?

Для вас нет ничего хуже чем?..

Who knows, ebola?

Что любите из еды?..

Italian for dinner, Japanese for lunch, and Russian for breakfast

Что любите из напитков?..

Cold, spicy tea

Мне нравится
Sense of humour
I need a person with a keen sense of humor, able to see the funny side of life
Love for art
I need a person who has a passion for music, literature, theater, painting and other kinds of art - as a spectator or creator
I need a partner with a lively mind who will share my vision of the world with me and be able to support an interesting conversation
I need a person who is also keen on spiritual practices, like me, and who shares my faith
Common interests
I need someone who will share my interests and addictions
Я не одобряю
I do not like people who care too much about their appearance
I do not like being told lies
I do not like people who quickly lose control of themselves and begin to worry about any issue
Consciousness of the victim
I understand that from time to time we all need to regret ourselves, but I do not like people who constantly feel like a victim
I do not like people who constantly talk about their illnesses and are looking for symptoms of certain diseases